11 April 2009

Review-The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own by Periel Aschenbrand

"If members of the Symbionese Liberation Army had carried Prada handbags, transformed raunchy sex gossip into political protest and designed agitprop fashion, they would be Periel Aschennbrand. In this wildly funny debut, Aschenbrand pitches verbal hand grenades at targets that include religious fanaticism, sweatshop labor, and Internet dating, and reveals how the best inspire the youth of America."

This book is amazing. It isn't something parents want their 16-year-old daughters to read, which means I, of course, think all teenage girls should read it. Periel is a feminist and has gotten the attention of people like Betsy Johnson and Susan Sarandon with her shirt that says "the only bush i trust is my own". This book is non-fiction and talks about how she got the idea and started Body As Billboard. She says "I think we should put out tits to better use - it's prime advertising space being wasted on vapid slogans like 'Princess.' Instead of turning us into a bunch of apathetic morons, T-shirts should say things like: 'On any given day in the richest country in the world, there are 600,000 homeless people,' or 'By 2020, 100 million people in Africa will have died of AIDS' "
She makes shirts that say "Drug Dealer" and all proceeds made from this shirt design are given to an AIDS charity called, Keep A Child Alive. I loved this book, I was laughing out loud most of the time, and I agree with most, if not everything she says in this book.
If you are interested in reading this book I should warn you, I don't think you'll like this book if:
You have anything against cussing.
You are uptight.
You are Republican and/or like President G. W. Bush.
You are racist.
You have no sense of humor.

This book says and mentions things you might find crude or disgusting, but whatever. I think it needed to be said and I'm glad Periel said it. I just can't believe I haven't heard of this before. I'll tell you one thing though, I'm going to be buying a shit load of shirts come payday.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting title and cover. Eye catching...to say the least.

Great review!