My Library

This is the long list of book I own. Doing this mainly because I want an inventory of sorts.

Multiple Authors
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Dates From Hell
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance
Adams, Jeanne
Dark and Deadly
Armstrong, Kelley
Darkest Powers 1: The Summoning
Darkest Powers 2: The Awakening
Men of the Otherworld
Women of the Otherworld 1: Bitten
Women of the Otherworld 2: Stolen
Women of the Otherworld 3: Dime Store Magic
Women of the Otherworld 4: Industrial Magic
Women of the Otherworld 5: Haunted
Women of the Otherworld 6: Broken
Women of the Otherworld 7: No Humans Involved
Women of the Otherworld 8: Personal Demon
Women of the Otherworld 9: Living With the Dead
Women of the Otherworld 10: Frostbitten
Aschenbrand, Periel
The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own
Asher, Jay
Thirteen Reasons Why
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
Den of Shadows 1: In the Forests of the Night
Den of Shadows 2: Demon in My View
Den of Shadows 3: Shattered Mirror
Den of Shadows 4: Midnight Predator
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Barnholdt, Lauren
Two-Way Street
Bell, Shykia
Benway, Robin
Audrey, Wait!
Black, Holly
Brashares, Ann
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
Girls in pants
Forever in Blue
Bray, Libba
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Rebel Angels
The Sweet Far Thing
Briggs, Patricia
Alpha and Omega 1: Cry Wolf
Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Cabot, Meg
Caine, Rachel
Outcast Season 1: Undone
Morganville Vampires 1: Glass Houses
Morganville Vampires 2: The Dead Girls' Dance
Morganville Vampires 3: Midnight Alley
Morganville Vampires 4: Feast of Fools
Cashore, Kristen
Chadda, Sarwat
Devil's Kiss
Chance, Karen
Touch the Dark
Chandler, Elizabeth
Dark Secrets 1: Legacy of Lies & Don't Tell
Kissed by an Angel trilogy: Kissed by an Angel, The Power of Love, and Soulmates
Clare, Cassandra
The Mortal Instruments 1: City of Bones
Clark, Terri
Colfer, Eion
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl 2: The Arctic Incident
Artemis Fowl 3: The Eternity Code
Artemis Fowl 4:The Opal Deception
De La Cruz, Melissa
Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods 2: Masquerade
Blue Bloods 3: Revalations
Dessen, Sarah
Just Listen
Keeping the Moon
Someone Like You
That Summer
This Lullaby
The Truth About Forever
Dunlap, Susanne
Liszt's Kiss
Forman, Gayle
If I Stay
Garey, Terri
Dead Girls Are Easy
Gee, Sophie
The Scandal of the Season
Godbersen, Anna
The Luxe
Graham, Heather
Dust to Dust
Gray, Claudia
Hall, Megan Kelley
Sisters of Mosery
The Lost Sister
Harrison, Kim
For a Few Demons More
Hawthorne, Rachel
Dark Guardians 1: Moonlight
Dark Guardians 2: Full Moon
Dark Guardians 3: Dark of the Moon
Hesse, Karen
Out of the Dust
Hoban, Julia
Holder, Nancy
Wicked: Witch & Curse
The Illiad
The Odyssey
Hopkins, Ellen
Huff, Tanya
Blood Price
Blood Trail
Blood Lines
Blood Pact
Blood Debt
Blood Bank
Jones, Carrie
Kate, Lauren
Kenyon, Shrrilyn
Fantasy Lover
Dark-Hunter 1: Night Pleasures
Dark-Hunter 2: Night Embrace
Dark-Hunter 3: Dance With the Devil
Dark-Hunter 4: Kiss of the Night
Dark-Hunter 5: Night Play
Dark-Hunter 6: Seize the Night
Dark-Hunter 7: Sins of the Night
Dark-Hunter 8: Unleash the Night
Dark-Hunter 9: Dark Side of the Moon
Dream-Hunter 1: The Dream-Hunter
Dream-Hunter 2: Upon the Midnight Clear
Dark-Hunter 10: Devil May Cry
Dream-Hunter 3: Dream Chaser
Dark-Hunter 11: Acheron
Dark-Hunter 12: One Silent Night
Dream-Hunter 4: Dream Warrior
Dark-Hunter 13: Bad Moon Rising
The Dark Hunter Companion
Klause, Annette Curtis
Blood and Chocolate
Kostova, Elizabeth
The Historian
Libby, Alisa M.
The King's Rose
Lowry, Lois
The Giver
Gathering Blue
Lundlum, Robert
The Bourne Identity
Marr, Melissa
Wicked Lovely
Ink Exchange
Fragile Eternity
Marrone, Amanda
McCaffertty, Megan
Sloppy Firsts
Second Helpings
Charmed Thirds
Fourth Comings
McCaffrey, Kate
In Ecstasy
McCormick, Patricia
McMann, Lissa
Mead, Richelle
Georgina Kincaid 1: Succubus Blues
Georgina Kincaid 2: Succubus on Top
Georgina Kincaid 3: Succubus Dreams
Georgina Kincaid 4: Succubus Heat
Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy 2: Frostbite
Vampire Academy 3: Shadowkissed
Vampire Academy 4: Blood Promise
Mederios, Teresa
After Midnight
The Vampire Who Loved Me
Meyer, Stephenie
The Host
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Morrison, Angela
Taken by Storm
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Dairy Queen
Noel, Alyson
Immortals 1: Evermore
O'Connell, Jenny
The Book of Luke
Orwell, George
Osterlund, Anne
Perez, Marlene
Dead is the New Black
Dead is a State of Mind
Dead is So Last Year
Pike, Christopher
Thirst Vol. 1:The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice
Riordan, Rick
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1: The Lightning Theif
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2: Sea of Monsters
Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Ryan, Carrie
The Forests of Hands and Teeth
Sandell, Lisa Ann
A Map of the Known World
Song of the Sparrow
Scott, Elizabeth
Living Dead Girl
Perfect You
Something, Maybe
Shakespeare, Wiliam
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Shreve, Anita
Sittenfeld, Curtis
Smith, Adam
Wealth of Nations
Smith, Cynthia Leitich
Smith, L.J.
Night World Vol. 1: Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, and Spellbinder
Night World Vol 2: Dark Angels, The Chosen, and Soulmate
Vampire Diaries 1: The Awakening
Vampire Diaries 2: The Struggle
Vampire Diaries 3: The Fury
Vampire Diaries 4: Dark Reunion
Snyder, Maria V.
Poison Study
Sones, Sonya
What My Mother Doesn't Know
Spollen, Anne
The Shape of Water
Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Blue is for Nightmares
White if for Magic
Silver is for Secrets
Red is for Remembrance
Across the Pond
Taylor, Brooke
Tiernan, Cate
Sweep 1: Book of Shadows
Sweep 2: The Coven
Sweep 3: Blood Witch
ViguiƩ, Debbie
Wicked: Witch & Curse
Wallach, Diana Rodriguez
Amigas and School Scandals
Werlin, Nancy
Westerfeld, Scott
Midnighters 1: The Secret Hour
Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness
Midnighters 3: Blue Noon
Williams, Carol Lynch
The Chosen One