02 March 2009

Review-Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

Morgan is an average girl. She looks even more average next to her drop-dead gorgeous best friend, Bree. When Cal shows up at their school, everyone is intrigued. He seems to fit in so well with everyone, the stoners, the jocks, the brains. Morgan is instantly attracted to him, but hides her feelings from everyone, especially after Bree announces she's going to do whatever it takes to get him. Morgan knew she had no chance of getting Cal, but now she definitely knows she has no chance. Who would choose her over Bree?
When Cal decides to have a party to get to know people he invites juniors and seniors, but unlike the typical high school parties, Cal plans for people to just look at the stars and enjoy nature. He later tells the party goers about Wicca, his religion, and asks them to help cast a circle. Morgan and Bree are two of the few who decide to stay, but Morgan has a weird reaction when they cast the circle. Cal later says he's looking for people to help make his new coven, the reason he had the "party". After the first circle Morgan starts to realize she has some intriguing powers and starts to wonder, could she be a blood witch, a descendant of one of the seven clans? But how could she when the rest of her family are so... normal?

I loved this book. Cate did an amazing job mixing Wiccan and teen drama into a story and making it flow. The characters are all so interesting. Even the ones that are only mentioned once or twice I want to know more about. I love how Morgan has to deal with her parents, devout Catholics, when they find her books on Wicca. I don't want to spoil every good thing about the book so just go read it.


The Book Obsession said...

These are my favorite series! I love them, I could not put them down until I finished all 15 of them. =]