02 March 2009

Review-Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher

Hannah Baker committed suicide. Something made her decide to swallow hat handful of pills and Clay Jensen is about to find out what it was. Two weeks after she killed herself, he comes home from school to find a package with no return address on his doorstep. Inside are 13 cassette tapes. He listens to the first one and hears Hannah's voice. Hannah, his crush, the girl he so wanted to get to know better. She says there are thirteen reasons why she killed herself and if you received the tapes your one of them. Clay can't believe it, what did he do? He barely spoke to her and now he finds out something he did had something to do with why she decided to kill herself. On the tapes he learns so much about people he saw everyday, things he couldn't believe. How could one school hold so many secrets?

This book is amazing. I think the only reason I didn't cry my eyes out while reading it is because Hannah had already died when the book started. Jay Asher did an incredible job of writing it to where we do here her point of view of everything, through the tapes, and hear Clay's thoughts on it all at the same time, instead of alternating points of view. I love how it shows even when all the signs are there you still don't know what's going through some one's head.
I have to say though, I understand why Hannah made the tapes and why she sent them to those people. But a part of me doesn't understand whys she sent them to some of the people. They did inadvertently have something to do with her decision, but they didn't do anything wrong exactly. As opposed to the jerks (it took a lot of self control not to use a more colorful word) who did a lot to her. She does state that this was her decision and her choice,, but she wants them (the 13 people) to realize what they did. And some of them are going to blame themselves for the rest of their lives when in fact, they didn't do much.
This is a must read for everyone. I can't imagine how anyone could not like this book. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


Jessica Kennedy said...

I agree sooo completely! I loved this book. It is a book everyone should read. It'll make you think about how you should truly treat people.