09 March 2009

Review-Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Bailey Morgan isn't the type of girl who shows a lot of skin, but somehow, she ends up in a dressing room at the mall with friend Delia applying a strange temporary tattoo to the center of her lower back. Never to suffer fashion doubt, trendsetter Delia knows eactly where she wants her own tattoo: on her stomach, right where her shirt ends- can you say "midriff"? Annabelle, the quiet one, chooses the back of her neck, and tomboy Zo plasters hers on top of her foot. The tattoos will last for three days, and Delia's sure that with them, the four friends will absolutely kill at the school dance.
Unfortunately, killing is just what someone has in mind, and Bailey, Delia, Annabelle, and Zo are in for the battle of their lives. Along with her tattoo, each girl receives a gift-a supernatural power to help them in their fight. As Bailey's incresingly frightening dreams reveal the nature of their enemy, it becomes clear to the girls that its up to them to save the world. And if they can get Delia to stop using her newfound power to turn a gum wrapper into Prada pumps, they might actually stand a chance.

I was hooked from the first page. The story, the characters, and the writing, it was all just incredible. The story is very interesting and original. I love that its about Sidhe instead of the modern version of faeries. I also love the few Greek mythology references. I'm a sucker for books about Greek Mythology, Faeries, or Vampyres (in case you hadn't noticed this by now) especially if its so different from the popular versions. So of course I loved this book. The characters were great. I felt like I knew them so well I could guess what one of them would say next. Zo reminded me of this girl I know, which was hilarious cause I was like "Omg Ashley would say the same thing!". Delia was so fashion obsessed it was hilarious even when they had almost just been killed. Annabelle was (is?) a lot like me in a lot of ways. The only differences are (were?) I'm so not quiet and I'm not weirdly obsessed with charts... And Bailey is just awesome. The writing was like I said incredible. I busted out laughing so many times I couldn't have counted if I wanted to. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes kind of out there plots. I read this until 5 in the morning so I could finish it. Hence the review being posted at midnight the next day. Its a shorter book, so you can finish it fast.

I give it four heart and crossbone thingies (if anyone can come up with something better to call those you'll get a cyber cookie)

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If you want to know more about the Sidhe, which are basically faeries, just a very different kind than the ones most people think of. Go here (http://www.shee-eire.com/magic&mythology/fairylore/Sidhe/page%201.htm ) It has some pretty interesting stuff.