02 March 2009

Review-Beastly by Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury is gorgeous, a rich, blond hair, blue-eyed, beauty. His father is Rob Kingsbury, a news anchor. Kyle thinks he's all that and is in his school. How could he not when the hottest girl in school is his date to dance. After Kyle stands up Kendra, an ugly goth chick he asked to be his date to the dance, just so he could humiliate her, he finds out she's a witch and she turns him into a beast. She says he's beastly, he needs to learn looks aren't everything, and how to be kinder. Kyle can't believe what's happened to him and neither can his father. They go to doctors and doctors trying to "fix" him, until they realize its hopeless, no doctor can turn him back. Kendra said it takes a kiss from someone who loves him to turn him back and he only has 2 years to find her. He's already given up, I mean who could fall for a beast, let alone kiss him?
His father sends him to live in a five story house in Brooklyn with only the maid, Magda, and he raised her salary to keep her mouth shut. Kyle asks for a tutor, not that he ever cared for school but what else is there to do? His father finds a blind man to tutor Kyle. After a junkie breaks into the house, Kyle catches him and the junkie, desperate to live, offers his daughter to Kyle. Kyle accepts for two reasons. Could she be the one? Could she fall for the guy, beast, that's keeping her locked up?

I love this book. (Have you guys noticed I love most of the books I review?) Everyone knows someone like Kyle, and I bet a lot of you wish a witch would turn him/her into a beast so they would learn a lesson. It is a lot like Beauty and the Beast (obviously) without being too much alike. I love who the girl turns out to be. I'd tell you but you don't want me to ruin it now do you? Alex did a wonderful job writing Kyle and how he changes. Its so subtle though, most of the book you don't even realized how much he's changed.



The Book Obsession said...

I agree, this book was really good.
Great Review!

Ashley said...

I loved it too!!!

Liviania said...

I love this one. It's nice to read the story from the Beast's perspective.

robin_titan said...

I've heard a LOT about this one but never actually read a review on it, you've convinced me, I'm getting it. It sounds really good!! I just hope I can get my hands on it soon, since unfortunately I don't go book shopping as often as I'd like :(

Amelia said...

That's okay cause its one of the books I'm giving away soon to make room for new ones.

Jessica Kennedy said...

I've had this on my "list" for a while now. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it. I may have to pick it up soon!

Did you give yours away yet?