22 February 2009

Review-Tantalize by Cynthia L. Smith

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Quincie was orphaned at 13 and moved in with her Uncle Davidson. Now 17, she manages her family's restaurant, Sanguini's, and is in love with her hybrid werewolf best friend, Kieren. Quincie and her uncle are remodeling Sanguini's with a vampire theme. All is going well until the unexpected murder of Vaggio, a long time family friend and head chef at Sanguini's. Now Quincie has to deal with the death of her friend, losing the restaurant's head chef, trying to find his replacement and helping him/her act like a vampire, creating a new menu, the possibility of Kieren leaving for good, not to mention school and about 20 other things all before the restaurant's opening, less than a month away.
The police suspect a werewolf killed Vaggio, but Kieren suspects a vampire. So who is right, the police or Kieren? He was the one to discover the body and werewolves can lose control. But Kieren isn’t capable of that… is he? He thinks it could be Ruby, Davidson’s girlfriend, a vampire wannabe. Maybe she isn’t just a wannabe. Will Quincie be able to find out the truth and save her family’s legacy? Or will she believe the wrong person and lose everything and everyone she loves?

I give this book PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket This is one of those books where everything in it has it's unique elements. I would definitely recommend this book, but for some reason I don't know, a lot of people didn't like it. Some reviewers on Amazon.com said things like, "The first half is okay but it loses your interest in the second", "The characters are 2D" and "Predictable plot, not worth your money... read in the bookstore". I didn't think the plot was predictable. Then again I never try to figure out what happens in books. When I read all I think about is what I'm reading then not what's going to happen. Anyways I loved it and I would recommend it. Obviously I can't tell you you'd love it or hate it, but I think you should give it a shot.


The Book Obsession said...

I liked this book as well, great review! =]

Amelia said...

Thank you!

Liviania said...

I bet you'll like ETERNAL too!

Amelia said...

I hope so. Can't wait to read it