10 October 2008

Review- Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn

So I'm not going to review this book because I couldn't finish it. I'm just going to explain why I didn't finish it. It was written so.. I don't know. Confusing. I mean there weren't any punctuation marks so it took me forever to figure who was saying what. Here's an excerpt:

"Toad, watch my food, man. Keep your mouth shut when you chew.
Oh, Mr. Clean. Excuse me. I didn't think you cared what you ate.
That's right, he eats whatever he can. He's a donkey boy.
You too, Crater.
Get that the f#%@ off my plate.
Now you're making me laugh, man.
Toad, you eat it. You like to eat.
No, he has to save his appetite for the real thing.
Tobey throws a fry from the floor onto the guy's plate.
I'm just speaking the truth.
You're my Zen Master.
Really, what's it like getting so much?
Shut the f#%@ up.
Cut it out with the dirty fries, man. That's been on the floor.
Down, Slave! Lick it up off the floor."

Seriously that's the excerpt. I mean what the hell is that supposed to mean. There's no way to know who's speaking. Is this like Shakespeare? Only some people can easily understand what it means and what's going on without looking at the little decoder.
And then there was one part that mentioned this doctor someone, just out of no where. The doctor had never been mentioned before so I didn't know who it was or what they were talking about. It seems like an interesting story but since I was so confused and I didn't understand it, I wasn't going to put the time in to finish. If you can understand it please explain it to me. This book so many great review I can't help but wonder am I the only one who doesn't get it?


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