26 October 2008

Review- Camileon by Shykia Bell

Camile Leon has always wanted to know more about her father, Zephyr. One day she's finally had enough of her mother's evasiveness and side-stepping every question Camile has about him and confronts her mother with the intent to learn everything. But when her mother ends up in the hospital, Camile once again loses to chance to learn about him. When Camile goes to her mother's apartment to get some clothes for her hospital stay, she finds a mysterious necklace. The same necklace she's wearing in the only photo she has of her father. At the hospital later that day she meets Akalina, a young woman Camile soon starts to realize she has more in common with than she can imagine. While dealing her mother's unexplainable coma and her newly discovered, mysterious powers, Camile has to learn to be strong and see through the deception that seems to have plagued her life.

This book is very unique. It's such an original idea and it's very well written. But I have to admit what I like most is the last part of the book, starting after chapter 17. It was very action packed with a little drama mixed in. And then after a while I was like "Whoa! This is like Raiders of the Lost Ark". You know the, let's-push-this-
it-with-all-the-buttons-still-pushed kind of thing. I mean it's Indiana Jones, if Shykia had just added a light saber or two, maybe even a sith, this would have easily been my favorite-est book ever! (Okay so I'm a geek, a pretty geek I might add but a geek nonetheless. haha)
It isn't a young adult book, but teens could read it. There's cussing and one sex scene, but it was more of a sex dream and it wasn't explicit.
Camileon is not a stand alone book its a series.
All in all an awesome debut novel by Shykia Bell. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Go read the first chapters on Shykia's MySpace and Camileon's website.