10 October 2008

Review-In the Forests of Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Rachel was a girl who lived in Concord, Massachusetts. She was born in 1684 and died in 1701... and she woke up days later. Rachel is dead, gone forever, she is now Risika. She's a vampire.
Risika lives in modern day Concord. Sleeps by day, hunts at night. After she strays into another's territory, she comes home to find a black rose. The same kind of rose she got days before her fate was sealed 3 centuries ago. Risika also soon realizes she's being followed and word gets to her that someone is asking for "Rachel" and Risika has to deal with her past coming back to haunt her.

I love this book. It's the first book in the Den of Shadows series. You can follow any of these book without reading them in order, well I could. I read Demon In My View first, but you'll probably get the whole back story and little references if you read them in order. The story is amazing. Even more so since the author wrote it when she was 13. About 150 pages long, I finished it in an hour, which is awesome. It means you can read more books in one day!

Here's another cover version.