18 February 2010

Dark of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne

Title: Dark of the Moon, book 3

Series: Dark Guardian
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Previous book: Full Moon
Next book: Shadow of the Moon (March 23, 2010)
Grade: B+

(Warning you now, hard to review the third book in a series without spoiling something from the first two, so read at your own risk.)

Brittany has never had a guy declare her as his mate, so she faced her full moon alone. But she has always loved Connor from afar. When they are imprisoned by their enemies, they must depend on each other to survive. But Brittany harbors a dark and dangerous secret that could destroy them both.

If you've read my review for Full Moon (next post down), then you know how I feel about this series. I have the same comments about this book that I did for Full Moon. Although, Brittany is very different than Kayla or Lindsey personality wise, so I like it a little better than Full Moon. There were also different twists, problems, and obstacles for Brittany in this book to make it a little more refreshing. I don't really know what else to say about this book, so I'll wrap it up. Still looking forward to Shadow of the Moon and I'm still hoping the future books to be about one of the guys.

Sorry for the super short review and until next time,


Liviania said...

I'm not sure this sounds like my thing. I enjoy paranormal romance, but I like my heroines to be well-developed characters.