17 February 2010

Full Moon by Rachel Hawthorne

Title: Full Moon, book 2

Series: Dark Guardian
Previous book: Moonlight
Next book: Dark of the Moon
Rating: B
(I just noticed I never posted the review for Moonlight book #1. I don't know why I didn't. There's mild spoilers, but the bigger ones will be in white so you have to hi-light them.)
Lindsey has always known that Connor was her destined mate, but this summer as her full moon approaches, she finds herself dreaming about darkly handsome and silent Rafe. When the others are captured by their enemies, she and Rafe must work together to save them. As they spend time together, Lindsey will come to realize that some dangers come from within as she is forced to face her true feelings for Connor and Rafe. One is a friend. The other is her true love. But listening to her heart could cost her everything.

Review: Webster says the plural of "series" is "same", but I, personally, don't think it makes sense to say, "I love same like this." Do you? So, I'll just pretend "series" is both singular and plural. Back to the review...
I love when series are written like this. The first book is about Joe Blow, the second book is about Little Johnny, whom we met in Joe's book, and the third book is about Archibald, whom we met in a previous book, and so on. (Like Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark- and Dream-Hunter series.) I think that writing a series like that keeps it fresh enough that the series can go on longer. Unfortunately, I don't think this applies to Dark Guardian. I do like this book and series, but here are my complaints. (Not that you're reading this, but sorry Ms. Hawthorne) First of all, the summary for this book gave a lot away. The love triangle, the twist, possibly the ending, depending on the person and how much they read into it. Second, Full Moon is a lot like Moonlight. Teenage girl is about to become a werewolf, but wait! There's a twist, the enemies from the first book are back, and kidnap you're friends (again). And oh no, you have to pick your true love before you change or you'll die! Gasp! Dun dun dun... (except in the first book Kayla wasn't aware she was a werewolf) Don't get me wrong. I like the series and I'm looking forward for the next books. I just hope after she gets through the girls we know, maybe we'll get a book or two about some of the guys who haven't mated yet. Or new werewolves from other places or something to keep it refreshing.
I hope I didn't turn you away from the series. Maybe I'm being overly critical and you'll absolutely love it.

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Silvia said...

I wanted to read the first one in the series (though I haven't read it yet) but I didn't really like the idea of having different books with the different main characters. I'm sure once you get to know them you like the series to be this way, but I don't like the idea because if I like a book I want to continue reading about the main character through the whole series.

Kaylee said...

Hey Amelia,

I'm doing a blog too. http://thebookwormsdiary.blogspot.com

I just finished a review for Moonlight. I LOVED the books too! Myabe you wanna check it out?

Also I was wondering how did you get the people counter at the bootom of you're blog? It shows how many people have viewed your blog... I can't find it.