05 May 2009

In My Mailbox Part 2

I went to Dad's for a few minutes yesterday and while I was there, I decided to see whatever books I got.

The Shape of Water by Anne Spollen (From Katie's contest It's signed too. It says "April 2009" and the top and then "To Amelia, You won! Hope you enjoy the book~ Anne Apollen")
Cut by Patricia McCormick (BookMooch)
The Scandal of the Season by Sophie Gee (BookMooch I think it's the UK version)
Fade by Lisa McMann (Amazon) Yaaaay!!!
And also along with Fade, I FINALLY got God of War. I've been waiting for this damn video games for months and I finally got it!! Yippeeeee! When I saw it I kinda wanted to tell Mom I'd be staying at Dad's for a few hours and that he would take me back later. But I didn't, cause that would have been rude so I'm staying and my step-dad's eagerly waiting to leave so I can play it. Oh man, I'm so stupid. I could've just brought my PlayStation here... haha wow. Why didn't I think about that yesterday!