12 January 2009

Interview- Terri Clark

I'm still on hiatus or whatever you want to call it, I'm just posting this because I got the answers today. Sorry, even though thing are looking up but I'm pretty sure it'll all go to hell soon. So until next time

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Amelia/Book Junkie

How long ago did you start writing Sleepless and how did you get the idea for it?

I actually sold Sleepless before it was completely written. It sold in December of 2006 and my deadline was August of 2007 so it took about 8 months to write, plus revisions. As for the idea, Sleepless was inspired by my own fascination with dreams and a series of articles that ran in the Denver Post about criminals who committed violent crimes and then pretended insanity so they could go to the state mental hospital instead. At the hospital they would commit crimes against the staff and walk off campus where they also committed crimes or disappeared entirely. I was horrified by this and the great thing about being a writer is that you can literally right/write a wrong. It was from this expose that my villain Rafe Stevens was born.

What made you come to the decision to become an author?
I've written my whole life, but never considered it as a profession until I became a stay-at-home mom and found an online community of writers. Being involved with other writers really inspired me to take my writing seriously, to study it as a craft, to get involved with critique partners and professional writer organizations. The more I learned the more I thirsted to see my book published and I kept going until I realized my dream.

Are any of your characters inspired by people you know?
If so, which ones?
Trinity has parts of me in her. Her best friend's clumsiness and love for soccer is a nod to my niece. But I really don't create a character based on someone real so much as I like giving them little details, quirks, from people I know.

Do you have anything in common with Trinity?
Yes, we like the same music, often feel like misfits (who doesn't?) and several of her dream experiences are based on my own. But, thankfully, I haven't been pursued in my dreams.

Is Sleepless a stand alone book or is it a series?
It was a stand alone title, but when I finished it I felt like there was more to Trinity's story and I tried to convey that with the ending. My editor has since asked to see a proposal for a sequel, so please cross your fingers that HarperTeen will buy it.

Which character from Sleepless was your favorite to write? Which was the most fun to write? The most difficult?
Trinity was my favorite character to write. Strangely, there really wasn't any one character that I found fun to write, it was certain exchanges between characters that I had fun with--the sleep deprivation scene in the library, for instance. As for the most difficult, I found writing about Dan's dad the hardest. I think it's because I found him reprehensible, but I also had to find something redeeming about him and see the good that created Dan. Rafe was just deliciously twisted and wrong.

How do you get over writer’s block?
I shower. LOL. When I get stuck on a scene I take a hot shower and hash things out in my head. I don't know why that works, but I almost always figure out the solution. However, if I'm really, really stuck I have been known to interview my characters to get things flowing again.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
The Dick and Jane books. But the first books I ever really got into were the Trixie Belden mysteries. Loved those!

What are some books you’d like to recommend?
Neal Schusterman's Unwind is phenomenal, Laura Weiss's Such A Pretty Girl will leave you breathless and I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Brent Crawford's debut Carter Finally Gets It and it's absolutely hysterical. I don't think a book has ever made me laugh so much. It comes out in April so check it out.

What were your favorite books as a kid/teen? Favorite authors?
Trixie, of course, and then anything by Judy Blume. When I got a little older I was also crazed about the V.C. Andrews Flowers in the Attic series.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Thanks so much for your interest in me and Sleepless! My next book, Hollyweird, will be out with Flux in the Spring of 2010 under the name Tess Clark. It's about two teens who win a trip to visit the star of their favorite TV show only to learn he's actually the son of satan and the only person who can save them is a fallen angel who is working undercover as the demon's personal assistant. You can learn more about me at my blog and website.